Beast Feast Maine

Beast Feast Maine features flavors that are not like most other sauces. A few examples include: Habanero/Sage, a medium heat with the refreshing flavor of sage to mellow the heat and enhance the flavor of the habanero pepper; Maple Chipotle, made with pure New England Maple syrup, East Carolina BBQ sauce has been reviewed as "just like home" from people who were raised in the Carolinas and "Ja-Maine-Kin Jerk" sauce is gaining popularity for those who enjoy a Caribbean style Jamaican Jerk sauce to name just a few. These sauces are very "clean" - though not organic certified, they contain many organic ingredients. Most of the sauces and all of the rubs are gluten free, however the BBQ line is not. There are now salt free and sugar free sauces and rubs - the sugar free products are made with dried organic Stevia leaf, not the white refined over the counter version. All Beast Feast Maine products are made by a registered Master Maine Guide, (hunting, fishing, recreational guide), with bold flavor profiles, and include BBQ sauces, hot sauces, marinades, dry rubs/seasoning mixes. Beast Feast Maine, Maine's premiere sauce and rub company.
Want to take your barbecues and entertaining to the next level? Have a great feast with Beast Feast Maine.