Belly Bands

Having a dog is great—except when they wet every couch, bed, and rug you own! If you’ve tried everything from sprays to puppy pads and found nothing works, you need Belly Bands, the easiest way to stop dogs from wetting on carpets and furniture. Available for purchase in both boy and girl patterns, Belly Bands not only prevent incontinence, accidents, and territorial marking, they also help train your dog to stop wetting. Next time your dog goes to tinkle, the Belly Band will absorb the wetness with a waterproof liner that prevents any leaks. Since no dog likes to wet themselves, the Belly Bands are a constant reminder not to go to the bathroom in the house and will prevent your dog from leaving urine stains on carpets and furniture. With Belly Bands, you can let man's best friend be a part of the family again and stop spending your days cleaning stains and your cash replacing carpets in your home.
We love our pets, but not when they have accidents in the house. Well now, you can prevent that with Belly Bands.