Deja vu Cosmetics

Based in Warminster, Pennsylvania, Déjà Vu Cosmetics boasts an extensive history in the Dead Sea skin beauty and spa fields, specializing in facial anti-aging and rejuvenating treatments, as well as foot and general body skin care. Déjà Vu Cosmetics is an international manufacturer and importer of original Dead Sea mineral products, offering a complete line of exciting skin care and spa products directly from the source of natural healing, soothing and rejuvenating ingredients – the Dead Sea. The company’s philosophy begins with an understanding that our bodies require constant care to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin appearance. The harsh effects of daily stress, as well as environmental and urban airborne pollutants, impose a severe toll on the skin that demands the appropriate response provided by Déjà Vu Cosmetics.
Daily living can take a toll on your skin. Déjà Vu Cosmetics can help your skin with rejuvenating and revitalizing solutions.