Épicé International is revolutionizing skin care, developing novel proprietary skin care products. The team includes Dermatologists, Aestheticians, Chemists and Naturopathic doctors under the direction of Michael Spicer, MD. From innovative sunscreen, therapeutic moisturizers to rejuvenating skin care the mantra has always been: “It’s all about healthy skin”. Épicé products are designed with your health in mind. With the science background and desire to be natural we have brought together the best of both worlds to create the ultimate in skin care. Using advanced patented technology from a Swiss laboratory and the highest quality raw materials to formulate and develop superior skin care products in the United States, no Épicé products contain animal byproducts and they are not tested on animals making them Vegan friendly. Whether you’re looking for sun protection, healthy skin care or rejuvenation, you can trust the products from Épicé International.
If you want skincare products designed with your health in mind, check out Epicé’s Recovery and Revitalizing serums.