Evolution Shave

Before packing a razor and shaving cream for the next trip, consider traveling light with the Evolution4 shaving system. The Evolution4 is a disposable razor with 4 high quality, stainless steel blades and shaving lotion right in the handle. The best part is that the Evolution4’s shaving lotion doesn’t need water, allowing users to shave fully clothed, in a car, on a plane, or at a desk without leaving the seat. In fact, the remaining lotion doubles as a moisturizer which simply gets rubbed into the skin, while a handy gauge shows exactly how much lotion is available for the next shave. Without the need to track down a bathroom, sink, or water, Evolution4 can shave fifteen minutes off one’s preparation time, provide an average of 6-10 shaves per shaver, and is even TSA-compliant. The Evolution4 shaving system is simply the fastest, lightest, easiest, and neatest way to get a close, comfortable shave anywhere anytime, without wasting a single drop of water.
If you’re on-the-go like me you probably don’t always have the time to shave—unless you have the Evolution shaver.