Finger Guard

Industries in which employees are exposed to sharp objects like scissors and knives know that every day is an accident waiting to happen. The Cosmo Finger Guard, a patented, lightweight cut-resistant glove, was specially created to minimize these costly risks. Designed by salon professionals, the Cosmo Finger Guard protects the skin from nicks, cuts, and abrasions when using shears, knives, razors, or nail files in the workplace (and at home). Made of a composite yarn with the same material used by the armed forces and law enforcement in vehicle and body armor, the Cosmo Finger Guard is designed with both safety and comfort in mind. Protect yourself, on the job or in the kitchen, with the Cosmo Finger Guard.
You may not realize it but working in hair salons and the culinary arts can be dangerous—between the sharp scissors and knives, it’s a wonder how they do it without the Cosmo Finger Guard.