Floaty Pants

When you want to relax in the pool, a noodle is not very supporting. Enjoy the water without the effort, with Floaty Pants. Floaty Pants are all about being hands-free. With Floaty Pants you strap yourself in with two adjustable straps like you would a life jacket. Because you can strap yourself in, you can float in the water with ease and not worry about adjusting your balance. Floaty Pants are specifically designed to keep your head and chest area out of the water so you float high enough to comfortably hold a drink out of the water or to use your hands for water games. In addition, Floaty Pants look great, with fun graphics. Put more fun in your pool … with Floaty Pants.
And today I want to introduce you to a cool, new pool product that needs no introduction: Floaty Pants!