FootGlove Performance Footwear, Inc. offers a patent pending proprietary technology designed to significantly relieve foot and lower extremity pain and discomfort. Offering support and stress-mitigation, the FootGlove PF socks enhance foot comfort and protection by impact dispersion through the built-in PF Extra Shock Absorbent Inner Sole Foam Pads. It also improves anatomical support and increases circulation in the ankle and foot area through compression, controls odor through PF Silver Ions Technology, provides a truer performance fit by design as they are labeled with Left and Right foot indicators, and manages foot moisture through the use of PF Extreme Moisture Control materials. These innovative all-in- one foot support compression socks appeal to athletes, floor-workers, the elderly, people with foot issues and anyone else whose work or recreation is undertaken at the expense of their feet.
Your feet do so much for you, now you can take good care of them - with FootGlovePF.