Help your loved ones keep their dignity and independence after an injury or surgery, when reaching is difficult. The FreedomWand Toilet Aid can assist people with toileting, bathing, shaving, and applying ointment. The FreedomWand is the ONLY toilet aid that is 4 tools in 1, multi-length and portable. The FreedomWand toilet aid can help you reduce stress, improve hygiene and stay confidently independent. The FreedomWand is not just a toilet aid! It holds the toilet tissue but also a loofah, saver, wash cloth, wet wipes or cosmetic sponge for applying ointment! Unique from other toilet aids, the FreedomWand allows you or your loved ones to live an active independent life!The freedomwand® comes with 3 pieces and cloth carry bag, it can be used with 2 of those pieces for a reach of 14" or with all 3 for 21". If extra length is needed an extra extension can be added. The cloth carry bag allows for portability and independence.
When it comes to personal hygiene, Freedom Creators gives you your independence back with the “Freedom Wand.