Gnarly Knobs

Gnarly Knobs is a unique product - a brand new way to creatively and inexpensively customize a guitar or ukulele. Musicians can mix and match different colors to create their own, unique looks and they’re instantly removable so changing the look is a snap. The company also features the sleeves with each string's identifying note, very useful for guitar and ukulele instructors to use while teaching new students. Gnarly Knobs are very light-weight, come in 5 different colors - red, black, white, orange, blue - with various designs on them. There are 10 different Kanji symbols available, Believe, Courage, Harmony, Faith, Strength, Destiny, Dream, Passion, Spirit and Soul, to help inspire players and speak to their audience. Bands or solo artists also have the opportunity to have their own logos or custom artwork printed on sleeves of any color they choose. The company website can also feature those bands on our “Gnarly Artists” page to help spread the word even further.
If you play guitar, you’re going to want to take a look at these rockin’ accessories to trick out your axe.