Frequent travelers often complain about their lack of comfort and inability to sleep during flights, car rides and train/bus trips. When these travelers are on business, this can often affect their performance if they have an early meeting on arrival at their destination. Typically this is due to cramped seating with minimal support of the back, neck and head … coupled with the frustration of falling asleep only to be jolted awake by the dreaded “head bob”. GoSleep has released a truly effective, upright sleep system designed to allow today’s busy traveler a restful sleep “on the go”. It includes several features such as a plush memory foam pillow that can be used for neck or back support. The premium sleep mask blocks unwanted light, while an adjustable elastic cord with toggles secures to the seat or adjustable headrest, comfortably supporting the head in place.
Do you find it hard to catch a few Z’s while traveling? Check out GOSleep, which will let you nap just about anywhere.