Gotcha Sprayer

Tired of dragging out that bulky ladder to spray those wasp nests? Tired of aiming the wasp spray, hoping you’ll hit the nest from 25 feet away, only to get spray all over your house siding, which sends the wasps after you, buzzing around your head, as you run away with flailing arms? Well, no more! The Gotcha Sprayer solves all those problems! This adaptor triggers aerosols from the end of an extension pole. That’s right! Now you can spray the nest with a “sneak attack”, in one swift pull of the string, with no mess, and spray to spare. Distance yourself from those stinging wasps, and reduce the risk of being stung. Use our attachable LED flashlight to Light em Up, and Spray em Down at dusk, when all the wasps are in their nest. Turn a job that nobody wanted to do, into a job that’s quick, easy, and no more stress!

If you’ve ever had wasps or hornets build a nest in your home, you know how hard it can be to deal with them. Well, take a look at the Gotcha Sprayer.