Grip Dry

GRIP-DRY solves some of the basic problems golfers have faced since the dawn of golf carts. If you are among the millions of golfers who play in the wet and early morning dew or right after a rain shower, then you understand the struggle of placing your club down for a split second only to return to a slippery and wet handle. GRIP-DRY protects your club's grip by keeping it elevated and away from wet grass, and in plain sight to eliminate lost wedges. With GRIP-DRY, there's no more need to bend over and push a tee into the wet grass or pick up a second club, saving your back and knees. GRIP-DRY is small enough to fit easily into your pocket, and lightweight enough to simply to throw into your golf bag and head out to the course, no matter what the weather.
As a golfer, I’m always looking for ways to lower my score and elevate my game, and I found it with Grip Dry.