Hot Dot Alert

The Hot Dot is a body temperature alert patch that allows you to monitor your body's temperature change during physical activity. This economical, easy-to-use device helps warn users of possible heat stress in real-time by changing color from black to yellow as your body temperature reaches potentially unsafe levels. The Patch will alert users so they can quickly take action when there is a potential risk of heat related illness. As your body temperature decreases back to normal range, the patch will then change back to its original color. Hot Dot Alert uses thermocromatic heat sensitive technology placed on an area of the body with blood vessels close to the surface of the skin to monitor the rise and fall of body temperatures. Common locations include the inner elbow, wrist, neck and forehead. Keep safe while you keep active, with Hot Dot Alert.
I have to tell you about the Hot Dot: it’s a simple way to monitor your body temperature in real-time—this is a must-have!