Since the invention of shoelaces, they have presented a problem. How many knots does it take to keep those floppy laces securely tied? And having laces come undone at an inopportune moment can result in anything from a nuisance to serious injury. The LaceLocker, a small, unique, patented device could change this hassle, giving runners and walkers the confidence of knowing their laces will stay tied. With just a slip under the crossed laces and a snap around the tied loops, LaceLocker keeps any laces — long or short, thick or thin — on top of the shoe where they belong. It’s perfect for athletes, kids, and anyone who is worried about getting their laces stuck in the mud, or tangled in the chains of a bicycle. It doesn’t slide or put pressure on the top of the foot, nor is there the need to cut or remove laces. LaceLockers are available in a multitude of colors and can be custom imprinted.
When you’re running or playing on a team, don’t let a loose shoelace take you down. LaceLocker has the solution.