Lastics is a stretching technique born directly from the world of dance that was designed to give people of all ages, body types and fitness levels a way to improve their flexibility based on techniques that dancers use to stay lean and limber. The Lastics program teaches you how to articulate your body in ways that elongate your muscles. This is what makes Lastics unique, and it is a difference you will feel immediately. Unlike methods that rely on external force to push a stretch, Lastics trains your body to move internally to stretch itself. This is how dancers move and it is also the key to their flexibility. They move from the inside first. And now you can too! Not only will it change the way you think about, and understand, your body, but you will also increase your flexibility and improve body awareness through a special mind/muscle connection. So, join the movement! You’ll move, perform and feel better with muscles that are longer, stronger, more supple and healthy from the inside-out and end-to-end!
If you feel sluggish and can't move very well, check out this program from Lastics, created by a former dancer.