My Maggies / Maggie Snaps

Maggie Snaps are the only textile fastener which can securely hold multiple layers of fabric together without piercing or damaging them. It is safer than a safety pin and easier than a button. A Maggie Snap consists of a very powerful ½-inch neodynium magnetic sphere and 2 metal “0” Rings. They are packaged with 6 snaps to a pack. Each snap weighs less than ½ ounce and is made of nickel plated steel. Using them is as simple as locating the sphere in between the fabric layers and let it attract one ring underneath the bottom-most layer and another ring on top of the upper-most layer. They are indestructible, re-usable and are very easily re-positioned as necessary.
The new Maggie Snaps from My Maggies are the perfect thing to keep your clothes together or to come up with a whole new style.