Naked Me Tea

Naked Me Teatox was born from our shared passion for tea and healthy living. Our product is a 100% All-Natural detox tea kit specially blended with targeted ingredients that are renowned for their positive effects on metabolism and detoxification. We have always strived to treat our bodies right and live a healthy lifestyle. Just like you, we want to look and feel our best! Life is busy. We get that! Trying to find the time to do it all, and do it well, is hard! Naked Me Tea integrates well in any lifestyle, from a stay at home mom to a busy career person. It helps you give your current lifestyle the boost it needs to move in a positive direction. Your health and happiness is at the heart of everything we do. We spend exhaustive amounts of time and energy to create the best blend of tea, herbs and ingredients in such a way that each cup of Naked Me Tea has a positive impact on you and delivers the desired results you want and expect. From increased energy to a faster metabolism and weight loss, and even clearer skin and a better night’s sleep, the benefits go on and on!
Are you tired of always feeling bloated and needing to go? Try a tasty detox, with Naked Me Tea.