Pro Power Drive Systems

Pro Power Drive Systems is an effective and proven training tool for baseball, softball and cricket. Our pitching and hitting aids have been endorsed by the pros for many years and more to come. The Pro Power Drive Swing Trainer Tee is made of steel square tubing for strength, it’s red in color, it weights 38 lbs. and it’s very heavy duty. It has 4 very important features. 1-The Pivot Ball allows you to get your reps anywhere without a net or hitting cage. 2- The Angle Bar Eliminates you from dropping your bat head and dropping your back shoulder and teaches you to hit Perfect Climbing Line Drives. 3- The Leg Extension Bar (Z-looking Bar) sets you up at to teach you how to hit the Inside and Outside Pitches. 4- The Leg Setup Bar (The Silver Bar) Eliminates you from Over Striding and Lunging Forward. It also Lines you up at the Perfect Position to hit at the optimal Power Point for all 3 pitch locations, down the middle, the inside and outside pitches. The Pro Power Drive Swing Trainer Tee has a height adjustment for that 7 year old to the tallest MLB player.
To the baseball players and coaches out there, I want to introduce you to the Pro Power Drive: Swing Trainer Tee. The results speak for themselves.