Raptor Grilling

Millions of people around the world love the taste of fresh barbecued food. Of course everything good has its downside, and barbecuing is no exception. Traditionally, you would get dirty, pay a lot of money for charcoal, have to fight to get the grill started, and then wait a long time for it to cool down, which makes tailgating or camping tedious. Now, there's a time-, effort- and money-saving solution: the Raptor grill. The basic design of the charcoal grill has not changed much in more than 50 years. The Raptor grill’s clean hands technology means users never again have to touch ash, charcoal, or grimy grates. The quick cooling feature uses much less charcoal thus saving money, work, and the environment. The Raptor grill is perfect for avid and casual barbecuers alike.
Like me, we’re not all gourmet chefs, but I get fired up when it’s time to grill thanks to the Raptor.