RevoMax Innovations

Screw caps on bottles have been dominant for hundreds of years. The RevoMax Vacuum Insulated Bottle features an innovative twist-free cap design that makes it absolutely one-of-its-kind. RevoMax vacuum bottles come equipped with twist-free caps that open and close smoothly and instantly with a single click. A conventional bottle requires both your hands, and quite a bit of time, to open or close. That’s not only inconvenient, it also results in thermal loss. RevoMax, on the other hand, requires only one hand and one second of your time to open or lock it. Your beverages stay ready to drink much longer ― hot stays hot up to 18 hours and cold stays cold up to 36 hours. The RevoMax Twist Flask has won the coveted iF Design Award for 2016.
While there are lots of vacuum drink bottles on the market, there’s only one RevoMax, the one-handed wonder. Take a look.