For professional contractors or DIYers, working alone with a tape measure and trying to feed it out across some distance can be tricky. Trying to measure an uneven, unsmooth area, like carpeting, tile, lawn or the shingles on a standard sloping roof can be a difficult chore. Your tape measure will get stuck every few inches. Now there's the new Rollertip to help you accomplish simple measurements over not-so-simple surfaces. Now you can feed your tape measure out across carpet, tile or even a sloping roof. Light and portable, just attach Rollertip to the end of any standard tape measure and watch it keep on going as you feed it out. Now you can measure any area you need to cover. Improve the accuracy of your job estimates and ensure that you order the right amount of supplies. There's nothing else like it on the market. The Original Rollertip makes measuring a ZIP!
Working alone with a tape measure can be tricky, but not with Rollertip.