In most cases of boats and RVs getting damaged by fire, there are consistent signs of failure of the power inlets that deliver electricity from the dock or other connecting point. The industry standard shore power connector is a twist-type, which was designed in 1938, and has not been updated since. The primary problem is there is not sufficient metal-to-metal contact in the old twist-type connector. This results in overheating ▬ and a fire. SmartPlug’s metal surface contact (internal pins & clips) is over 20 times that of the twist-type connectors. The increased amount of metal contact eliminates overheating and reduces the instances of fires caused by connector failure. The SmartPlug serves as a significant safety measure. Keep the fun in your boating or RV camping, with SmartPlug.
Do you own a boat or an RV? A company called SmartPlug has some important information for you about fire safety.