The original concept of Snoozeenie was a friendly pillow partition for a married couple with different sleeping habits. One partner was a light sleeper who used her tablet or smartphone to pass the time when she couldn’t sleep; the other had a propensity for loud breathing. In their efforts to block the tablet’s glare and to stifle sound by building a wall with flimsy pillows, the idea of Snoozeenie was born. As the idea of a Snoozeenie grew, they also noted that a partition would be excellent for times when one partner is sick and coughing all night. School-age children use the partition for privacy when sharing rooms with siblings, sleep-overs, or to help calm nighttime fear of the dark. Snoozeenie also provides privacy in dorm room settings or when sharing a bed when travelling - whether in hotel room or in the spare bedroom of friends and family. Snoozeenie is also perfect for camping and cruise vacations. Instant privacy on demand is a valuable commodity.
Do you sleep with a snorer or just someone who likes to read late at night? Block some of that sound and light with Snoozeenie.