Terapia's BIOTICZONE division develops, distributes and markets quality and cost-effective dietary supplements. Our team comprises of pharmacists and experts in bulk herbal extracts. Our product development team brainstormed with our in-house pharmacist and raw material sourcing specialist to come up with a complete, holistic product for anti-aging treatments for the skin. We wanted to incorporate the best ingredients into the product to offer customers a unique combination of anti-aging ingredients that work synergistically to improve skin tone and reduce signs of aging. BIOTICZONE Age Defying Serum is a long term, holistic and complete solution for aging skin compared to other anti-aging products that offer a short term solution and are based on just a few anti-aging ingredients. BIOTICZONE Age Defying Serum reduces wrinkles and fine lines; improves sagging skin, making it firmer and giving a toned look; and stimulates skin repair. It contains a synergistic blend of ingredients, each proven to reduce and reverse the signs of aging.
For a long term, holistic approach to anti-aging, take a look at BioticZone Age Defying Serum from Terapia.