5 Reasons to Give Away Your Most Valuable Assets

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You know the value of a mentor relationship – it can allow you to avoid common pitfalls, catapult your personal and professional development, and provide you access to the relationships essential for success. As you formulate your business strategy, access to proven leaders in the field can make the difference between being a winner or an also-ran.

So, in this stage when your most valuable resources are time and expertise, why is entering a mentoring relationship where you are the mentor a strategic move?

  • Exposure to new ideas and relationships. Your drive and passion is what is going to spell success as you marshal all efforts to achieve your goals but the downside of that single-mindedness can become blindness to other possibilities, a rigidity that can become dangerous. When you commit to assisting someone else to achieve their goals, you benefit not only from their unique perspective and skill set, the efforts and lessons they are already put into their own business but also from exposure to their network.
  • Identification as a leader in your field. When you position yourself as one who is not only willing but also equipped to assist others to set and achieve their business goals, you strengthen your internal and external stance as an expert. As continuous learners, serving as a mentor provides you the opportunity to share the lessons you’ve learned even if you are only one or two steps ahead of your mentee.
  • Provides balance between past, present and future. Successful entrepreneurs have a keen appreciation of the balance of past successes and the drive towards future accomplishments. In working with someone who faces some of the obstacles you have already overcome, rehearsing your successes and reflecting on your past progress can have an immeasurable benefit in your increased confidence in your ability to face your present challenges.
  • Experience clarity in your own what, why and how. You know what you know. It can be easy for your assumptions to go unchallenged until you are forced to articulate exactly how and why you managed to get where you are and how you plan to get where you want to be. Being forced to lay out your strategy for someone else can reveal potential areas of weakness that would have remained hidden.
  • Establishes a pattern of reciprocity. It’s easy to say that once you have achieved a certain level of success that will be the time when you can safely pause to reach down to others with a helping hand. The fact is that cycle of reaching up to those ahead of you and reaching down to those behind you in the journey is best established today as an essential part of achieving that success.

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