7 Goals for Your Small Business in 2018

Business Goals

It’s a new year and we are all setting new personal goals for 2018. You have probably resolved to eat right and exercise more, but have you thought of new goals for your company? We’re ready for 2018 and have created a list of resolutions so your company can hit the ground running this January!


  1. Improve Your Web Presence

It’s always the right time to increase your brand reputation and online sales, so why not start now? Some surefire ways to increase your visibility online include activating all relevant social media platforms, stepping up your SEO strategy, and making sure to update your website with fresh, relevant content.


  1. Reward Employees Who Perform

Your business objectives are less likely to come to fruition without your top employees, so why not resolve to take care of those who take care of your business? Employee retention is an often overlooked, but important metric for business success.


  1. Improve Your Corporate Citizenship 

While it is first and foremost the right thing to do, it is also good business to be socially responsible. Some ways to start include matching employee contributions, doing pro-bono work, and taking steps to protect the environment.


  1. Be Proactive 

Most companies are reactive to industry trends. Resolve to set yourself apart by being an industry leader and innovator rather than a follower. A proactive strategy involves anticipating market changes and shifting course rather than reacting after the fact.


  1. Better Workplace Communication

There is always room for improvement when it comes to communication with your employees. The quality of a company’s internal communication is vital to whether it will thrive or not. You can improve your communication by regularly touching base with employees, being open about internal knowledge, and maintaining an open-door policy.


  1. Say “No”

Yes isn’t always the right answer, as tempting as it is to appease everyone. If there is a client that does not make business sense any longer, or a partner that is no longer valuable, part ways and learn to tell them no. Trust your instinct, if a gut check tells you you don’t want to proceed, it’s probably not a good idea.

  1. Talk to a New Prospect Daily

Challenge yourself to talk to at least one new business prospect each day. By the end of the year, you will have reached out to hundreds! They won’t all become new clients, but it’s a good way to commit to bringing in new fresh business.


If you commit yourself to these goals, you are sure to have a great 2018! May your business prosper and flourish.