7 Ways to Start Featuring Your Video Content

Video Marketing

So, you’ve spent your time and effort making a great video, but now you don’t know where to get started to decide where to share it. Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive list of channels to share your video assets!

1. Animate Your Website and Landing Pages
Case studies have shown that including a video can increase conversion rate by up to 80%. If relevant, you should include a video on your landing page and website whenever you can.[1] Videos can increase time spent on the page and capture the interest of those who aren’t motivated to read.

2. Point of Sale
A product specific video can be a great alternative to a text based description. Customers are much more likely to purchase a product after seeing a video than reading about it. Additionally, the video will enable prospective customers to visualize the product they are considering purchasing.

 3. Youtube
According to Techcrunch.com, Youtube recently announced that 1.5 billion users are logged in monthly and logged in users watch over an hour of video a day.[2] Youtube is the second largest search engine and is third in overall internet traffic. Additionally, Youtube is highly shareable and great on mobile devices, which is becoming increasingly important every year.

 4. Facebook Cover Video

Facebook started rolling out videos in the cover photo area in April, 2017. They now are allowing you to upload a video up to 7 seconds long as your cover, which can be trimmed within Facebook itself. A video on your page will add interest to your page for your followers.

5. Share on Social Networks

Videos are some of the most engaging posts on social networking sites. Make sure to optimize your video campaigns for each platform, for example If you are uploading to Facebook, it’s best to upload natively instead of linking out to Youtube in order to have the most impressions.  49% percent of businesses are planning on investing in video on Facebook this year, and  42% on Instagram.[3] So if you’re not posting video on social, your competition probably is! Pro tip, don’t be afraid of sharing your video multiple times.

6. Email

There are many ways you can incorporate a video in to your email design, but it can be tricky due to inconsistent support across platforms. One simple way  to use your video is to include a static image and link it to a hosted video. Another option is to use a gif. (what does this mean?)‘

7. Trade Shows

Enhance your trade show display and stand out from the crowd with a video display. Keep in mind that trade show attendees are usually on the go and moving, so it’s best to clip your video to a short length and loop it.

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