4 Best Friends

For Best Friends (4BF) produces the finest-quality, nontoxic, plant-derived natural rubber pet toys available today. The company doesn't use any plastic additives or anything else one wouldn't want one's own "best friends" to chew, toss, catch, bite, or play with. 4BF toys are manufactured by the parent company, Grupo 201 Oficial, one of the world's top producers of high-quality natural rubber products with particular expertise in precision balls and equipment for professional, competitive sports. Rubber toys are soft and flexible, and they won't hurt anyone, no matter how hard they are thrown. They’ve been made from locally sourced, plant-derived natural rubber from the hevea tree for over 70 years. Natural rubber is safe, nontoxic, and naturally soft, elastic, breathable ▬ perfect for pet and people play. It is also environmentally friendly because it is low impact and sustainably harvested ▬ safe, nontoxic, natural, with no plastic additives. Currently, 4BF produces six dog toy products, each available in three colors. Crazy Bounce Rope and Tugging Star also feature natural cotton or nontoxic nylon rope. 4BF pet toys are carefully formulated to provide pets with superior playing performance and optimum size, shape, softness, elasticity, strength, taste and smell. Every 4BF toy is pet-tested and puppy-proven for endless hours of safe, healthy play and owner interaction.
Would you put an artificial toy full of plastic additives in your mouth? Get natural rubber dog toys from "For Best Friends".