A Brighter Glow

We needed a grill brush that would remove buildup and burnt food fast and would not fall apart, break or need to be thrown away after a few uses. The Ice Grill Brush is made of 304 stainless steel, with a hardwood handle and a heavy-duty thick brush block with stainless steel bristles. The brush block can be replaced easily, but will probably last up to six years before that is necessary. The brush is designed to clean and sanitize grills through simple steam. Put ice in the square holder and it melts down in-between the stainless steel bristles over a hot grill before or after cooking. The Ice Grill brush cleans the grill thoroughly and also sanitizes and stops the growth of bacteria. It doesn’t fall apart after a few uses like almost all brushes on the market. The capsule for ice can also hold lemons which are a natural astringent and can sanitize the grill in an organic and non-toxic way.
How would you like to clean, scrape and sanitize your barbecue grill in one easy step? Better get your Ice Grill Brush today.