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Akervall Technologies

An estimated 20% of the adult American population experiences Bruxism: the involuntary grinding of the teeth. Though they may not even be aware of it - much of it occurs during sleep - this habit can be so pervasive, it can lead to a whole range of dental and oral issues. The most common preventative measure is to wear a mouthguard to bed. A protective mouthguard shouldn’t be something you dread having to wear because it’s uncomfortable. In contrast to typical large, clunky guards, the SOVA® Night Guard is super-slim, only 1.6 mm thin. They’re so comfortable that you will forget you're wearing a mouthguard. SISU provides a custom comfort fit that allows you to keep the guard in place all night. There's no need to remove the guard to talk or drink. You can sleep the whole night through in confidence. SOVA Night Guards are made from a non-compressible, perforated material - strong enough to withstand the force of teeth grinding, yet comfortable enough when worn for hours. Conventional OTC night guards are made from a material that's so bulky that it becomes a chore just to wear them. When a SOVA Night Guard is properly fitted, the feeling is so natural that you will wear it regularly, thus allowing it to do its job: reducing your risk of dental injury.
Do you grind your teeth at night? Check out SOVA Nightguards.