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The market is saturated with keyboards that serve the same purpose while offering similar aesthetics. We at Azio have taken a different approach to designing our Retro Classic keyboards. The shortcomings of tech designs are not based on a lack of functions but rather, a lack of imagination and creativity. Most keyboards on the market today feel cold and insensitive - mostly just a bland tool used for getting the job done. There is very little passion or emotional connection behind it. Furthermore, when you walk into any electronic store or browse online, all you see are keyboards that look 90% similar with small variations if any. All the functions are more less the same, as well as aesthetics and even packaging. This is the status quo that Azio set out to challenge. We have created an authentically elegant keyboard that can re-ignite a user’s passion for computing and peripherals. We believe this can only be done through genuine materials that naturally embody the characteristics of luxury and exclusivity. Our goal is to make the mundane extraordinary by evoking sentiments of nostalgia, inspiration, and opulence. In the end, we chose to use genuine materials like leather, wood, and alloy. By using genuine materials, we can ensure that the product is of exceptional quality while developing a unique patina and personality as it ages. The Retro Classic is a combination of vintage design, retro elements, authentic materials, and modern technology in one cohesive keyboard that provide users a nostalgic computing experience like no other in existence.
Bring some pizzazz into your workspace, with these quaint retro-designs from Azio.