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In create a sanding system that can out-perform its competition, yet be easy enough that anyone could use it, BAR CO ended up with a design so unique, it's considered a completely new sanding experience altogether. Achieve "one-pass perfection" while keeping your air clean and completely eliminating clean up time. This doesn't feel like a sander; it's so easy and comfortable, that anyone can handle it. It's so safe, quick and yes, it's fun to use - you actually want to use it. But above all else, the results are sensational: smooth, featureless finishes, improving your home quickly and cleanly. BAR CO recommends sanding before you spackle. By doing so, you not only save the amount of spackle you use, you also save paint as well.
You've never seen how fast and easy sanding down a wall can be until you've tried the BarCo VacSander.