Bean Bag Bucketz

Introducing: Bean Bag Bucketz, the newest game for outdoor fun and socializing. Bean Bag Bucketz can be played virtually anywhere - it's portable, lightweight and durable. With the parts neatly packed in its carry-bag, it can be taken to the beach, tailgating, partying, camping, college campus, backyard or anywhere else where there are people looking to have a good time. Bean Bag Bucketz was born at the beach, but it doesn't require any particular level of athleticism. Perfect for family gatherings, the game brings together people of all ages, no matter their physical shape. Any number of players can enjoy it, and they are invited to invent their own rules for non-stop enjoyment. If the weather outside won't cooperate, Bean Bag Bucketz can be brought inside where the fun can continue. Branded apparel is also available, with cotton twill hats and various colored shirts made of a poly/cotton blend. Bean Bag Bucketz is loved by everyone who tries it.
Looking for a fun new game for on-the- go? Look no further than Bean Bag Bucketz!