What COVID-19 Means for Marketing


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Most people use paper towels and cotton rags to clean, but did you know that those actually neutralize disinfectant and leave harmful germs right on your surface? For true protection, look no further than BioFoam. Made of the same Open-Cell Foam technology used by the US military, our BioFoam applicators DO NOT deactivate disinfectant. And, when infused with our EPA-Registered disinfectant, BioFoam kills viruses and bacteria. A single BioFoam Mitt or Sponge can replace over 4,000 paper towels. Plus, they’re washable, biodegradable and don’t promote bacterial growth or produce a foul smell over time. Protect yourself and your loved ones today, with the help of BioFoam.
I just discovered this brand new cleaning technology from BioFoam that protects your personal and professional space.