Blankillow – Home

Do you have a habit of getting comfortable on your couch at home ... and suddenly realizing that you need a pillow and a blanket? Then you have to get up again, losing your comfortable position, just to fetch them. Blankillow features a unique design and memory foam for maximum comfort. Blankillow is soft, convenient and the pillow cases and blankets are machine washable. No more uncomfortable sofa pillow; no more messy throw blankets all over your sofa; no more getting off the sofa just to get your blanket. This luxurious, decorative throw pillow blends in with your sofa while storing your blanket. The memory foam soothes and supports head, neck and shoulders. It's a wearable blanket that will never fall off your shoulders.
During your precious couch potato time, why get up to get a blanket or pillow, when the Blankillow for Home is right there for you?