Blankillow – travel

Airline blankets and pillows are so uncomfortable, they fall off your shoulders and don't keep the traveler warm, while usually having a funky smell. The horse-shoe shaped travel pillows one can buy tend to choke the user and are not very comfortable. Blankillow features a unique design and memory foam for maximum comfort. The luxuriously soft poncho-style blanket will stay in place and not fall off the traveler while asleep. Blankillow is soft, convenient and the pillow cases and blankets are machine washable. No more choking, uncomfortable horseshoe shaped travel pillow; no more dirty reused plane blankets; no more blanket falling off your shoulders; no need to ever carry a blanket while traveling. The tooth-shaped memory foam design soothes and supports head, neck and shoulders. The soft, all-in-one poncho blanket in a memory foam pillow is the perfect travel companion.
If you do a lot of travelling, you know how hard it is to get comfortable on a plane or on the road. You need Blankillow for Travel.