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Phytoplankton is the invisible microscopic garden of vegetation that floats just below the surface of the ocean. This is the genesis of life, food, and nutrition in the ocean, a product of the rays from the sun penetrating the ocean surface. Phytoplankton's nutritional properties sustain the entire ocean ecosystem, it is responsible for the majority of the planet’s oxygen. Nasa calls Phytoplankton the most important organism on Earth, producing pure oxygen and absorbing CO2. Most people have a cupboard full of vitamins and supplements. They are made out of many different raw materials that people try and put together to simulate the nutrition their bodies need. The tiny marine plant, phytoplankton, have these vitamins and minerals in their original and purest form. The plants are also microscopic so they are most likely being assimilated straight into the cell and by-passing the digestion process. The term for this is "BioAvailability." Now making waves across Canada, find out what Karen can do for you.
Be the best YOU that you can be, with the help of nutrition from the sea. Check out Karen products.