BreezeBlocker / ARKAD Manufacturing

Though a necessity in the winter, during the summer a window or wall-mounted air conditioner can be a path for cold air, dirt and insects to invade the interior of your home. BreezeBlocker Air Conditioner Covers are high quality, fleece-lined, vinyl covers designed specifically for thru-the-wall air conditioners. The covers protect your air conditioning units from weather damage, dirt and dust, insects, eliminate drafts, and reduce energy costs all while enhancing the look and appearance of your building. BreezeBlockers are custom-sized and specifically designed for “sleeve-type” through-the-wall air conditioners. There are five standard exterior sizes that fit the most common brands. While BreezeBlockers are designed for exterior use, they can also be used as interior covers if the A/C unit protrudes at least three inches from the inside wall.
Keep your home warm year-round with BreezeBlocker.