Buddy Bar

The BuddyBar is a means of linking two bicycles together in order that two riders can ride in tandem for training purposes or for pleasure riding. Unlike one-piece tandem bicycles, if you are climbing, descending, or just not in the best riding environment for riding in tandem, you can disconnect BuddyBar and go it solo, then re-attach when you feel comfortable again with the terrain. BuddyBar was originally designed for getting the efficiencies of riding a tandem, but doing it at a fraction of the cost. It’s also an effective way of training new or experienced riders, and allows the more seasoned rider to observe the novice in action, monitoring the learner’s pacelining, cadence, heart rate, drafting, and other factors.
Ever wish you could connect two bicycles together when training at the competitive level? Well, now you can, with Buddy Bar.