If you find it a struggle to keep the fitted sheet on your mattress at night, there is a solution that is as simple as it is easy to use. The Clip’n’Sleep retains the fitted sheet from the middle of the mattress instead of at each corner individually. It guarantees that the sheets won’t roll up on the mattress. It's adjustable so that the sheets are kept tight without being too stretched and so that it can fit on all mattresses, regardless of type or thickness. The Clip’n’Sleep is made of four black straps, fixed together with a ring. At the end of each strap, there are two black elastic extensions, each ending with a rubber clip. Two of the straps are equipped with a buckle that is used to adjust the Clip’n’Sleep. It comes in the three standard mattress sizes: King, Queen/Full and Twin.
Do you have sheets that won't stay anchored to the mattress all night? See how Clip'n'Sleep can give you a better sleep.