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If your dog loves chewing on furniture, shoes, carpets, etc. or just has plain old smelly breath, look no further. CocoChew is looking to address a massive oversight in canine oral health with the CocoChew Collection. We have developed 100% all-natural rope chew toys that are not only entertaining and durable, but also help scrub and clean your pup's teeth as they chew. We know how much you care about your little furry family member, so treat them to the very best with CocoChew. Traveling to Hawaii, we noticed a significant number of dogs chewing on fallen coconuts. After speaking with veterinarians on the island, we learned that the coconut husk is extremely effective in scrubbing teeth and maintaining quality dental health. Our products are free of any chemicals, dyes, or plastics. Our toys are extremely effective in maintaining quality dental health for the dog while utilizing a 100% natural medium.
Having fun with your dog doesn't mean you have to use unhealthy toys. Now there's CocoChew.
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