Coffee Booster

Coffee Booster is an additive to coffee, like cream or sugar. Its blend of healthy fats is designed to compliment and elongate the effects of a cup of coffee, while providing your body with a quality long-term source of energy in short- chain fatty acids. The best time to use Coffee Booster is when you would normally drink a cup of coffee. The product is made from organic virgin cold-pressed coconut oil, organic grass-fed butterfat (ghee), and organic cacao powder. It is very common for people who traditionally drink a lot of coffee to drink less after beginning to use Coffee Booster. Sugars demand that you keep providing a “rush” of energy through regular snacking. Adding healthy fats to your diet causes you to have a sustained energy source that sugar doesn’t provide. Most people start their day with a cup of coffee with Coffee Booster, and perhaps have one more in the afternoon as they feel they need it. After one of these cups, people aren’t starving for lunch. You’ve taken your first step towards regulating your caloric intake.
If you take sugar in your coffee, here's a better way to get that morning boost ... from Coffee Booster.