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Dampp-Chaser offers a permanent, year-round solution to unwanted dampness in closets. It dries and circulates air in confined spaces like closets and cabinets, eliminating musty odors and serious problems such as mold and mildew, creating a pleasant, healthy environment. Today’s consumer is very sensitive to using chemicals, and about generating waste. Solve humidity problems while avoiding both of these with the Dampp-Chaser dehumidifier. Our product uses no toxic chemicals to trap the moisture. No watery slurry created to be flushed or thrown away. Nothing to spill (spilled desiccant is very hard to permanently remove…tends to pull water from the air onto spilled spot in carpet or on floor for years). No waste, no replacements needed. A one-time purchase will last 10+ years. There's no effort, nothing that needs to be recharged or replaced.
Do you have damp closets or storage spaces? Dampp-Chaser can chase that dampness away.
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