Dream Team Pets

How many sleepless nights have you spent, chasing your kids to bed, putting them back to sleep, trying to keep them in THEIR bed—and out of YOURS? Sounds like a job for Dream Team Pets: the only toy that helps children teach themselves to sleep better at night!

Dream Team Pets aren’t just soft and cuddly, stuffed animals—they’re guardians of dreams. Experts agree that sound sleep starts with a well established bedtime routine, and with Dream Team Pets, kids start a bedtime routine of reading a storybook every night that explains how to train their Pet to protect them as they sleep through the night. If they were brave enough to stay in bed, they reward their Pet in the morning with a sticker. By adding a sticker for every good night, kids become acclimated to the new routine in a rewarding way. Long after they master sleeping, Dream Team Pets will continue to provide kids the courage to sleep away from home, face other fears, and conquer the world. Now parents and children alike can sleep better at night knowing Dream Team Pets are there standing guard.
Having trouble keeping the kids in bed at night? Well, Dream Team Pets can help with that!