DrewB Company

When damage occurs to a wall in your home, the usual fix involves a metal mesh patch that leaves an unsightly bump in an otherwise flat wall. The Invisible Wallpatch is designed to easily install to the back of the wallboard, so it forms a backer for filling the hole. Instead of having to skillfully conceal a mesh patch with joint compound, you simply fill in the hole and scrape off the excess compound, leaving your wall perfectly flush. The Invisible Wallpatch installs to the back of the wall, unlike traditional patches which are applied to the front. Even a do-it-yourselfer will get professional results; it will look as if you put in a new piece of drywall. No experience is necessary, as this patch is designed so the amateur gets professional results. You'll never know there was a hole - it's called the Invisible Wallpatch for a reason.
The Invisible Wallpatch makes damage to your wall go away.