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Elephant in a Box

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Introducing Elephant in a Box… with an easy-to-move box, delivered to your doorstep, we fit through the tightest spaces, making moving a breeze. Set up is so easy – you don’t even need tools. Our Elephant core, made of honeycomb, makes it flexible and strong… while the fabric and foam in our cushions and pillows make it very comfortable and easy to clean. Our innovative design was created to save you time and energy. Life changes, and so do we! Enjoy our exclusive add-ons, like a built-in desk that folds into the armrest. We don't write the sofa shopping rules. We just break them. Elephant in a Box - Easy to Unbox. Easy to Unfold. Easy to Enjoy.
Buying furniture and moving are typically not enjoyable experiences. All that's changing, thanks to Elephant in a Box.
Elephant In A Box
Elephant In A Box