Facial Concepts, Inc.

Facial Concepts, Inc. was formed in 1989 to develop a patented facial rehabilitation device that increased oral-motor strength. The Facial-Flex® exercise device was originally created as a treatment method for microstomia, a severe constrictor of the orbicularis oris muscle (the muscle surrounding the mouth) caused by deep facial burns. However, the potential for broader rehabilitation applications was quickly recognized and Facial-Flex® is also used as a medical product for various facial care and rehabilitation needs. Facial-Flex® has been used to help patients with a multitude of speech and language disorders, facial nerve disorders, strokes, MS, ALS, autoimmune neuromuscular disease, surgical trauma, Bell’s palsy and other chronic debilitating facial disorders. It has also been used in Dental/TMD/TMJ rehabilitation.The benefits of Facial-Flex® were also discovered in the health and beauty arena. After several clinical studies, the device was found to be safe and effective and over 1 million Facial-Flex® units have been sold as a face, chin and neck exercise device with results that lead to facial rejuvenation. Facial-Flex® is also a FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Device. The body of clinical evidence supporting the efficacy of Facial-Flex®, as well as numerous customer testimonials, contributes significantly to our brand validity. We continue to explore new applications for Facial-Flex® through cooperative research with major universities and expert healthcare providers.
Looking for a clinically-proven way to appear younger? Look no further than Facial-Flex by Facial Concepts, Inc.