Ghostblind Industries

Just suppose: you could have one hunting blind that perfectly blended with any environment, in any season ... you could get closer to game than you ever imagined ... you could eliminate the need for multiple blinds ... you no longer need to brush in your blind or leave it sitting for weeks. Meet the GhostBlind: the invisible mirror ground hunting blind. Use the GhostBlind Predator with a gun, cross bow or traditional bow. It's lightweight, only 12 lbs., waterproof and shatterproof. Shoot from a seated or standing position. The four reflective mirror panels blend in with whatever kind of terrain, weather or time of year. Quick to set up and anchor down; there's no need to let prey get used to it, it's virtually invisible ... and so are you.
If you're a hunter, and you know how easily game can be spooked, you'll want to check out the Ghost Blind.