Grill Up

The kettle grill is the world’s most popular charcoal grill design. It is simple to use and astonishingly versatile. There still remains one glaring flaw with charcoal kettle grills: the inability to effortlessly adjust the height of the grate. There are grate height adjusters, but they involve repositioning a hot grate by moving it to a higher slot. The food often falls off the grate and, worse, you can get burnt. Meet GrillUp, the height- adjustable grill grate. Any avid backyard chef knows that grilling over charcoal makes everything taste better. Imagine your food positioned at the perfect height over the coals while searing, and when it’s seared to perfection, turning the grate to position it in the slower cooking zone. Imagine easy access to rearrange and add charcoal for long, slow cooking. Imagine when flare-ups start under your gourmet food, a quick turn of the grate and it's out of danger. Don’t burn, just turn ... with GrillUp.
Rethink your barbecue grill, with the most adjustable cooking grate you'll find ... the GrillUp.